-   'di / visions' is the first sequel for the 'unit of measurement book'.  
each text in the book is explained by an infograph, an infograph with a different interpreted content,  while holding the same connotation. 

>  text:  -  'betweenness' book page 49>50                                                                               
how both time and space are related to relation and to complexity of the order conceives a rudimentary problem of the theory of time and space.
   spatial betweenness is austerely related to the theory of |space| and this relation gives rise to order. the concomitance between relation and order could be demonstrated in a simple method, such as, how people give significance to certain people - for example ranking famous ancient generals. people would give different answers depending on who they think was the greatest, but that won’t change the fact that someone will be the 1st someone the 2nd and someone the 3rd; it could be evenly conveyed as the relationship between 
Mentor: Ahmad Saqf - Alhait -  2017
Technique : linocut  carving - printing - brochure
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