-  time in itself is measured, classified, restricted and divided into categories and the perception of it changes over time depending on the element of evaluation.
    therefore, [measuring] is a code instrument in the brain that is intensely fixated to classify, plan, self-organize and map it’s surroundings, after virtually understanding the object’s natural structure and placement; consequently, maps are nothing more but the replication of the brain structure that follows the representational pattern of a specific socio-historical | space | and time. therefore, the notion of a map is only cognitive when it overlaps with time and cognition.

      for instance, how the brain interprets units˚ of [measurement] chronologically throughout evolution of time, the units˚ value changes by getting more complex; moreover, this intricacy, accumulates and reflects how humans shape their system.

Supervised by Ahmad Saqf - Alhait 
Technique : linocut  carving - printing - binding 
Bachelor Project | German University in Cairo - 2016
Project photographed by Ramy Tarek Radwan 

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