- can distances be accurately measured? are directions preserved? are shapes preserved? are area ratios preserved?
   despite of how sophisticated and advanced a projection could be, it will never change the fact that the earth’s surface feature could never be accurately transferred to a 2d map. distortion that give the false ratio in either area - shapes - angles- distances or areas are always present in at least one region of the planar of a sphere.
•    the unit’s˚ value changes by getting more complex; moreover, this intricacy, accumulates and reflects how humans shape their system. 
the system of projections that is conceived by a human shapes their environment based on what they think is accurate at the time being. there are numerous different map projections and in each projection there are countless of modifications in order to reach the accurate formation of the earth's surface; however,in each map the units˚ change in value, which ends up distorting and stretching certain regions. the question is, how differently a person might get effected by perceiving a particular map projection in a particular second, that contains different unit˚ fallibilities change the way they perceive and analyse their world, and how differently they will end up getting effected by in the future»
Supervised by Ahmad Saqf - Alhait 
Technique : Installation - 10 meters of map projections - illustrated
Bachelor Project | German University in Cairo - 2016
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