-   Jerusalem is an Arabic Palestinian city that is believed to be the centre of the world history. It is considered sacred by the three-Abrahamic religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. However, because of the current Israeli occupation, the city of Jerusalem is under the threat of losing it’s genuine identity;the true history is being twisted in order to transform into a Jewish city. 

This is a research - based sign system group project, in which we developed a set of signs that are included in the map and the flag in order to communicate the story behind the identity of the four Quarters. Done by veil and unveil technique, by using the colour red as code for the pictograms to show which places/areas are under threat and control. Once the red sheet is placed on top of the map it eliminates the areas with the red pictograms.

Supervised by Ghalia Elsrakby
Project by multiple owners: Yosra Gamal, Safeya Fawzy, Sabah Khaled
Project photographed by Ramy Tarek Radwan
GUC | German University in Cairo - 2015
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