-  The purpose was to create studies out of each flower by creating modules, and use the module to conceive patterns 
- ( reshaping the pattern of a memory ) metaphorically. 3 of the patterns were engraved on sheets of transparent plexi  and videos of a specific memory were reflected on the plexi to add a multi-sensory  effect.

Commissioned by Bahia Shehab
Technique : laser cut on plexi - Concept: Bahia Shehab

Designer and Illustrator: Sabah Khaled
Project photographed by Bahia Shehab
Gallery, Istanbul-Turkey 2017
                                                         In the spring of 2011 I broke my left knee. My mother flew in from Beirut to nurse me in Cairo. Every morning she would create a small flower arrangement that she would pick from the garden and leave in a cup next to my bed. During my two months bed rest I started photographing these flowers. That process of pausing to look triggered a state of obsessive flower documentation that lasted for several years. This project is in part, a very personal documentation of my long relationship with flowers  

- Bahia Shehab  
- 6th of May, 2017 at Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul-Turkey
- A circle is composed out of a simple line, yet both are portrayed as flexible entities. Due to it’s simplicity, various forms/patterns could be conceived - 
The concept was to focus on the structure and the anatomy of the form (flower) itself. Once the module of the flower is constructed, the module can be transformed into several forms/patterns just like how the pattern of thought could retain an incident differently in a different situation.
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