'change - continuity' is the 2nd sequel for the 'units of measurement' book. each text in the book is explained by an infograph, an infograph with a different interpreted content while holding the same connotation.
> explanation for the 'change and continuity' text - book page 53>54  'units of measurement'

    change and duration: the aristotelian theory. a main role is played by the concepts of change, motion, and succession. 
   but the definition is conveyed in terms of his theory of ‘act and potency’. there's a distinction between fundamental change ‘most important’ and unintentional change.
•   |mountains| evolve over a long duration of time; however, the change can go unobserved since they have a long history past it and it still is evolving as time moves forward . mountain’s formation = the form we observe, secondly = the unobserved structure - it's mechanism. thirdly = comparison; we tend to compare things without knowing the initial conditions of an entity, and jump right into the conclusive condition, while forgetting that there’s still an accidental change, for instance, the compression of the crust in a |region| and shearing force in another - both of them are forces, but lead to different conclusive conditions = different emergence of the |mountain| 
= different history.                                                                                                         
Mentor: Ahmad Saqf - Alhait - 2018
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